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Requalificação Urbanística e Arquitetônica de Mariana | GPA&A
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Requalificação Urbanística e Arquitetônica de Mariana

Cloverleaf – Bus Terminal Concept

We have come to a rare, unique city, a city of art, a city of history. This character dispenses with ostentation and false grandeur. Mariana needs to be appreciated solemnly, calmly, carefully – so we slow down. The buildings follow this idea and become smaller, simpler, and more integrated.

The architectural features of composition are: the use the horizontals, green, and the colors of the baroque world. A large arid, impersonal area in front of the bus terminal gives way to traffic circle with lawns and abundant trees. The polycarbonate roofing and brickwork porticos have been removed and stone gives the building a new look.

Accesses can now be made directly to the building’s two floors. Traveler services, ticketing, and events hall are located upstairs. Passenger departure and arrival gates are found on the lower level.
The landscape treatment of the surrounding hills constitutes a new green background, softening the building’s presence in the urban scene.

City Hall – Craft Center

The City hall building had no relation with the environment, much less with the railway station. Walls with the same stone of the station’s basement incorporate the alignments and parallels. brises- soleil keep the metal building in the shadow, leaving the railway station open to sunlight.

The original layout of the Juscelino Kubitschek Plaza was restored. Through unoccupied spaces and the transparencies, the plaza extends to the ground floor with an amphitheater and a terrace for the cafés and bars.

Now, the views cross the opaque surfaces, creating softness and integration. Continuing along the floor of the plaza, a ramp leads to the Craft Center on the second floor, a space used for exhibiting the art produced in Mariana.

Convention Center

An empty space was left by the removal of the field house and then along came the memory of fiação and Tecelagem São José. So, at the Convention Center, we returned to the old scale and its relationship with the surroundings, the river, and the plaza. The shape of the Convention Center is simple, set back in relation to the street alignment, hollowed in a cadence that recall the windows of the demolished factory.

The water tower makes reference the bygone chimney and rebuilds the iconographic relationship with the station Tower. A large marquee leads the public to walk along the Avenida Getúlio Vargas up to the entrance Atrium with independent access to the fair Pavilions, Theater, and Convention sector.

The Trade show Pavilions can work together or separately, with a total area of 1.600m2 and capacity to serve 1,500 people, with a lobby for receiving public with support areas and coffee. Access to the 520-seat theater is made through foyer that has support spaces for coffee-breaks and cocktails during the events. The Convention sector has a lobby for events, two 150-seat auditoriums, which can be combined into a larger auditorium for 300 people, and six conference rooms for 50 people each, which may be rearranged in various sizes, such as a large room for 400 people.

The loading and unloading docks directly serve all sectors of the Convention Center, with service access by rua André Corsino da Silveira, which is independent from the public access. Public parking has space for 86 vehicles.

New Sports Gymnasium

The building’s structure is the same as that of the sports Gymnasium, having reduced its total height by 25%, therefore from 20 to 15 meters. however, new spaces were added to better enable it for cultural as well as sport uses.

set back in relation to its access by the Avenida do Contorno through an avenue lined with palm trees to the great entrance portal The large cylinder seeks to create a relationship with the outside curve of the Ribeirão do Carmo and internally generates protected spaces for gardens that act as mechanisms for controlling ventilation and natural lighting, in addition to enriching the ambiance of the audiences. service access is made on rua São Vicente de Paula, independent from the public entrance. Public parking has a capacity of 293 vehicles.

New Street

With access to the historical Center made by rua Antônio Pacheco, we propose an urban and landscape treatment of the entire street from the new cloverleaf with the Inconfidentes highway to the São Pedro dos Clérigos church. The objective of this proposal is to rehabilitate buildings along the street and counteract the discordant features of the surrounding area through the use of Mariana’s traditional building materials, such as stone walls and the color palette of the baroque world.

The sidewalks will be extended and closures in hedge fences and rows for planting trees eliminate the discontinuity caused by vacant lots, thereby creating landscaping unity. stone barriers act as banks and offer a pause for rest and contemplation of the landscape. The calm that Mariana asks to be appreciated will be further achieved by slowing down vehicular traffic by replacing the asphalt pavement with stones.

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Project Name: Requalificação Urbanística e Arquitetônica de Mariana
Architecture: Gustavo Penna, Ricardo Gomes Lopes Leticia Carneiro, Norberto Bambozzi, Laura Penna, Priscila Dias de Araujo
Location: Mariana – MG – Brazil
Year designed: 2005
Projected area: 15.000m2