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Marcello Oliveira, Laura Penna, Diana Pe

The project

People, cities, relationships, culture, horizon, beauty, functionality, contemplation, generosity, innovation, gaze, poetry. Loose and isolated, these words have their own meanings. Together, they reveal different nuances of the 50-year career of architect Gustavo Penna. Faced with such a vast work that represents an important legacy of national architectural production, PUC Minas – Campus Poços de Caldas, began a research project on the architect’s entire work.


The research, carried out between 2018 a 2023, has as its horizon the 5 decades of professional trajectory of Gustavo Penna (1973 – 2023). To analyze the architect's projects, PUC gathered a multidisciplinary faculty that will focus on the most distinct aspects that characterize Penna's work, including its intercommunication with the Arts, Culture, History and Geography of spaces.


In addition to the professors, who will coordinate the academic part of the project, there are teams from the publishing house KPMO Cultura e Arte and from the Gustavo Penna Arquiteto & Associados office itself, who will collaborate with the editing of the research in a collection of books and with the realization of different events over the 5 years of studies.


Among them: holding of workshops in public and private universities in the 5 regions of the country; the proposal of competitions of ideas for students, seeking to motivate them to create and to analyze the possibilities of solutions for the challenges of the contemporary city; holding an architectural residency for students in Gustavo Penna's office, with the exclusive mentorship of its owner; a multimedia platform with videos on the various themes and challenges of architecture and urbanism in contemporary Brazil, and an exhibition on the architect's work and on the project's production process in 2023.

For more information about the project, visit thevideocomplete. 


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