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Our proposal was to create a technological, audacious building that respects nature, saves energy and creates humanized spaces.

The New Building for ABM cannot just mean functional expansion.

It is, in short, the demonstration that the institution has the permanent mission of knowing how to interpret the world in terms of new technological, social and environmental challenges.

The new building draws a new image that signals the future and uses new structural, material and technical possibilities.

The new aesthetic contrasts harmoniously with the existing building by aflalo Croce and gasperini, respecting its proportions and volumes in a dialogue of time. The link between the two parts of the expanded headquarters is manifested in the predominance of the structural system, thus representing the trajectory of the association and the evolution of technology. The new building respects and reflects the requirements for the working environments and the environmental balance.

Providing pleasant, bright spaces that improve the work and study environment and guarantee their sustainability are main objectives.

The institution's purposes are reaffirmed in the new construction and build its public image.

The new building rises from the ground floor keeping it unobstructed, free for multiple leisure and contemplation functions.

In the midst of a densely built urban environment, it offers a green area, recovering a large covered garden space, which will serve both buildings.

Its volume is harmoniously integrated with the existing building: dialogue between curves and straight lines, creating a dynamic environment where horizontal lines predominate.

The elliptical shape provides maximum use of natural light, while the eaves protect the building from climatic influences such as direct sunlight. A translucent metallic mesh forms a peripheral protection layer, filtering light and unwanted sights from the outside.

Inside, however, everything remains fluid and integrated.

A black chimney stands out above the roof, marking the bank and generating a new reference in the surroundings.

The element that has always characterized pollution, the emission of gases, is here, a symbol of an intelligent and sustainable system. The chimney is a key part of the bioclimatic ventilation system, with low energy consumption and maintenance.


Gustavo Penna, Marion Weber, Norberto Bambozzi, Priscila Dias de Araujo, Laura Penna, Letícia Carneiro 


São Paulo – SP – Brazil


Technical Data
Year of the project: 2007
Built area: 2,000m²


Digital House

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