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Band Morumbi

What is the best way to de AGRADECER a neighborhood for welcoming you for more than 40 years?

A BAND responde: creating a SQUARE.

Surrounded by commerce, trees, gardens and the uninterrupted life of television, it is a different place - PULSING.

The horizontal lines are green terraces that connect the parts and make the whole work INTEGRADO.

The scales are reconciled with the different dynamics of use: children, the elderly, those who work, those who contemplate, those who ENCONTRAM.

A curved, friendly and monumental hug revealing the new image of the BAND: ecological, fraternal, CONTEMPORARY.


In the world of communications, characterized by interactivity, the new Band building wants to transform itself into a large living area, developing horizontally with its landscaped terraces, creating squares and areas for socializing and meeting. That's why we use the continuous lines that surround and integrate the old and new building.

The activities that will be developed there are not stagnant, they complement each other. The limits of the building are no longer the opaque walls of the past to reveal, through transparencies and permeabilities, the new dynamics of radio and television.

On the ground floor are the large access plaza, the theater, some commercial and service areas and most of the new Band facilities. On the upper floors are the food sector, services, areas for expansion of Band facilities and a convention hall. The museum route will be developed along practically all areas of the complex. The green terrace has a lookout restaurant, whose roof will be used for the new helipad. On the lower levels are the new studios, loading and unloading areas and parking lots.


Two public squares – The first, in the heart of the entire complex, works as a link to accesses and is surrounded by shopping and service galleries. In the second, bordering Avenida Morumbi, the green carpet of vegetation will be complemented by a wall completely covered with plants.

Teatro – With capacity for approximately 500 people, directly connected to the large access square.

Museu – Our museological proposal is not to make a museum in sectors, but to use the entire building as a support to present its own history. As we walk through the interior spaces of the complex, we not only make the necessary connections for efficiency, but we also learn and revere the trajectory of television and communication.

Parking – It will have the capacity to absorb the demand of the users of the complex, as well as to serve the local population, freeing up the roads adjacent to the Band's land.

Change of heliponto – The helipad, now close to the local residences, will be transferred to the portion of the land close to Avenida Morumbi.

Sustainability – Our project seeks to encompass various levels of organization, from the local neighborhood to concern for the entire planet. In order to be sustainable, this enterprise must have four basic requirements in mind:

  • be eco-friendly

  • be economically viable

  • be socially just

  • be culturally accepted


We will seek solutions that favor ventilation and natural lighting, the reduction of water consumption in the building and possible ways of reusing rainwater, the reduction of energy consumption, minimizing the CO2 emission of the building, the observance in the choice of materials , its components, its origin, its useful life and its final destination.


Gustavo Penna, Laura Penna, Norberto Bambozzi, Priscila Dias de Araújo, Letícia Carneiro, Vivian Hunnicutt, Alyne Ferreira, Natália Ponciano, Catarina Hermanny

Management and Planning

Risia Botrel


São Paulo – SP – Brazil


Technical Data
Project year: 2010
Built area: 43,700m²


Digital House

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