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Casa Lagoa dos Ingleses

The Minas Gerais project, located in Nova Lima, on the outskirts of Belo Horizonte, MG, deals with architectural resources, promoting them to the status of art. It is as if the matter they deal with is illuminated with feelings and particular interpretation.

In many places, inspiration came from the surrounding landscape. The materials and concepts applied are based on observations regarding climate, topography and the functions that the final result should present.

Respecting the slope of the land, which was used to provide greater privacy to the owners, it was decided to install the garage and guest quarters on the lower floor.

Another important ally in the task of keeping the internal areas away from unwanted observers is the access walkway, which connects the land to the facade, where we find lamps built into the masonry – a detail that is part of the lighting project by the architect Alessandra Mourão.

The central pillar of the plan is based on the incorporation of lights in an unusual game of hide and seek of light sources and was programmed from the preliminary design of the residence.

The discreet fluorescent lamps, from Philips and Ilux, are found in yellow and white, in different wattages and were arranged to enhance the volume of the second floor.

When looking at the opposite side of the main façade, we see that the walls are completely transparent, due to the glass installation by Vitrum. This feature provides a privileged view of the lagoon and mountains of the region. In addition to the glazing of the area, another differential is proposed with the skylights on the roof, which, by capturing the variation of sunlight, guarantee varied nuances to the internal environments throughout the day.


Gustavo Penna, Laura Penna, Norberto Bambozzi, André Magalhães,  Juliana Couri, Laura Caram, Letícia Carneiro.

Management and Planning

Risia Botrel


Nova Lima – Minas Gerais – Brazil


Technical Data
Year of the project: 2004

Year of completion of the work: 2006
Built area: 400m²


Eduardo Eckenfels 
Jomar Bragança
Leonardo Finotti

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