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Casa Mello

Vila dos Mellos contest. The archetype of the house is always represented by a hut made of wood. Legend tells that when man left the cave, he also abandoned darkness and fear. He went out and built his clean, airy wooden cabin. That's how he invented architecture.

A wooden house, therefore, is a house made of trees. It always demonstrates its nature of construction as an assembly, consisting of elements prepared with precision and assembled by competent hands. It's an eternal home because it's made up of stand-alone, replaceable parts.

The wood used as cladding and main structure of the building works as a protection, sheltering from rain and wind. All these properties, when they lead the architect to decide on the use of wood, also have the intention of keeping alive the coherence between the material and the construction, the execution technique and the architectural form. O The design of this wooden cabin revisited by the contemporary look, was thought from the beginning by the Golden Proportion and with this modulation of 1.20x1.20m, it guided the entire design of the spaces.

The design party thought of a game of modular geometric bodies engendered between the pavilion and the sloping roof, almost a perfect rectangle.

The house insinuates itself into the marked slope of the hill, in one of the highest points of Serra da Mantiqueira, at 1100m of altitude. It is articulated in each of the spaces that take shape and come to life, in a way that is at the same time interdependent and autonomous, always looking at the splendorous valley of its surroundings.


Gustavo Penna and team

Management and Planning

Risia Botrel


Serra da Mantiqueira – São Paulo – Brazil


Technical Data
Project year: 2018


Digital House


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