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Casa Tiradentes

A house among the trees.

Inn on the mountain, the smooth line
evokes the baroque and integrates into the landscape.

The environments turn to green and light:
the Serra de São José, the forest, the valleys, the north and the south.

Inside, there is music, good food and hospitality,
distributed in clear spaces, without breaks. 

And Rilke helps us: “The house is an existence”.


Gustavo Penna, Laura Penna, Norberto Bambozzi, Juliana Couri, Laura Caram, Letícia Carneiro

Management and Planning

Risia Botrel


Tiradentes – MG – Brazil


Technical Data
Project year: 2005

Year of completion of the work: 2007
Built area: 300m²


Eugenio Paccelli

Jomar Bragança

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