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Casa Village Terrasse

The house, protected, overlooks the mountain landscape. The practically blind and impenetrable external facade contrasts with the wide and unrestricted view provided by the glass walls, in total transparency.

The white wall extends itself in the appropriation of the air space through the lines drawn by the beams, reinforcing the idea of a single object, constituted by simple gestures.

All spaces in the house are developed on a single level, simplifying the relationships between the different functions and, at the same time, allowing an intense appropriation of all the interconnected areas.

The integration or isolation alternatives are controlled by the integrated aluminum frame system, which allows for different situations; the house can be connected in its entirety or preserved, ensuring, when desired, the necessary interiority of the environments.

The intimate area, with its openings to the front garden, and the view of the valley in the distance, have their circulation welcomed and illuminated in a long internal garden on the rear facade.

The large spans and structural cleanliness ensure the quality of the architectural object in its entirety.

In the external area, the suspended pool forms the “L”-shaped deck, giving the feeling of continuity and expansion of the lawn garden.


Gustavo Penna, Alexandre Bragança, Laura Penna, Norberto Bambozzi


Nova Lima – Minas Gerais – Brazil


Technical Data
Year of the project: 2002

Year of completion of the work: 2004

Built area: 500m²

Jomar Bragança


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