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Concenções Inhotim

Inhotim is invention and nature, courage and commitment…

The Convention Center summarizes all these forces, in trace, space and movement. The translucent crystal symbolizes universal mining.

Internally, the cement and stone floor rises and transforms into the integrated halls. On the outside, the translucent glass closure generates luminosity and lightness. The volumes play with shadows and colors.

The steel structure makes the shapes land on the lake, reflected. The generous windows open onto the Atlantic Forest. The foyer and the continuous galleries are always full of light and green.


Gustavo Penna, Marion Weber, Norberto Bambozzi, Priscila Dias de Araujo, Leticia Carneiro, Laura Penna, Alyne Ferreira, Vivian Hunnicutt


Brumadinho  – Minas Gerais – Brazil


Technical Data
Year of the project: 2008

Built area: 6,000m²


Digital House

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