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Book collection

On August 23, at 7:00 pm, at IAB SP, the Gustavo Penna 73/23 project – 50 years of Architecture, Drawing and Word, launched the first volume of the collection of 5 books that will be produced until 2023. The book entitled Gustavo Penna 73/83 deals with the first decade of production of the architect, his masters, colleagues in the profession, the first years of the office and goes back to a great chronological puzzle.


The publication brings the reader analyzes by researchers from different schools of architecture: Rosana Parisi, Esther Cervini de Melo, Larissa Pereira, João Marcelo Danza Gandini, from PUC Minas Poços de Caldas; Flávio Carsalade and Adriana Sales, from UFMG; Maria Teresa Diniz, from USP Cidades (PECE-Poli); and Luís Antônio Jorge, from FAUUSP, as well as the preface signed by the former Secretary of State and Member of the Minas Gerais Academy of Letters, Ângelo Oswaldo de Araújo Santos. With this, throughout these pages it is possible to follow the path of maturing of the creative exercise of Gustavo Penna - who leaves the school of architecture and launches himself to work, to doing and redoing, to experimenting, to dialogue with the other, to practical perception spaces and the possibilities of relationships between them and people.


Check out more about the launch here.


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