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Novo Mineirão

Unlike all Brazilian stadiums already built, the Mineirão Complex is located in a region that has plenty of free areas to house all the sports and other complementary functions required both to host the 2014 World Cup and to guarantee the economic and social sustainability of the Set after the event. It will be an equipment that will instrumentalize the life of the region and the city, complementing the functions demanded by the population. It will be the meeting space that will combine several related functions: sport, leisure, entertainment, culture, etc.

Taking advantage of the existing unevenness around the Mineirão, our proposal starts from the idea of creating a large square with public access that surrounds and interconnects the Mineirão and Mineirinho buildings, creating a unity for the whole complex. The square, on the upper slab, offers a privileged view of the Pampulha lagoon and its remarkable architectural ensemble. It is through it that the public access to the complex will be given, sometimes by level, sometimes through ramps.

Under the slabs, spaces with large spans and double height will be created, providing great flexibility for the event's facilities and for future use. In this area are located the parking lots, accesses VIP, halls, stores, support and logistics areas that will meet all the demands required by FIFA.

The location of the Complex is strategic, as it has major roads around it, providing multiple access alternatives. An intermodal terminal will be planned in the vicinity of the Complex, which will concentrate, in a single space, the departures and arrivals of the metro, regular buses and special buses for the event.

The area also has Pampulha Airport, 2.8 kilometers away, and Confins Airport, 32.7 kilometers away, accessed by the newly opened Linha Verde and by Avenida Antônio Carlos, recently doubled. In any case, some specific road interventions will be necessary in the surroundings of the Complex to guarantee the perfect functioning of the flows.

The Mineirão Complex is part of the urban-architectural complex of Lagoa da Pampulha and surrounding buildings, forming the most vigorous tourist and cultural center in the capital of Minas Gerais. These are equipments that, complemented, re-equipped and revitalized, will be able to transform themselves into a Complex with an unmistakable international dimension.

Architecture & Coordination

Gustavo Penna Architect & Associates

Partner firm in architecture

GMP Internacional GMBH


Belo Horizonte – Minas Gerais – Brazil


Technical Data
Year of the project: 2008


Digital House

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