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Parque Educacional de Passos

The idea of bringing together education, leisure, sport and culture will now have its most expressive example in Passos: the Passos Educational Center.

This new equipment in the city comes to solve this fundamental dimension of citizenship, harmoniously reconciling the coexistence of varied and distinct activities. With an extremely vigorous and concise proposal, he organizes the spaces on the ground in two fundamental levels:

The first level, accessed from Praça Francisco Sales, houses the auditorium/theater and the soccer field/eventos  – Lugar  for culture, sport and entertainment.

On the second level, connected to Avenida JK, the old gymnasium, revitalized and resized,  will receive  sports activities and their support areas.

Mediating these two blocks, the multipurpose central building houses the administrative, educational, cafeteria, cafe, leisure and services functions. With a large 10m high interconnected balcony, this space will be made up of natural and definitive materials, humanizing its presence in the whole.

From there, the large area of the soccer field can be seen, which today, boosted in its use, as is the trend of all soccer stadiums, will have its function expanded to host concerts and major events.

The auditorium/theater integrates with the field of events in a continuous and natural way, sharing the use of dressing rooms and support areas, strategically located. Access for services and loading and unloading are also common to both activities.

A unique shape, which connects everything, conveys the idea of cohesion that prevents compartmentalization, isolation, revealing the synergy and affinity of the activities that will be developed there.

Footsteps makes its way.


Gustavo Penna, Laura Penna, Norberto Bambozzi, Alice Flores, Andressa Duarte, Carolina Castro, Catarina Hermanny, Daniel Gomes, Eduardo Magalhães, Fernanda Tolentino, Fernando Artigas, Gabriel de Souza, Henrique Neves, Isadora Dawson, Ivam Rimsa, Jordana Faria, Letícia Lanza, Michelle Moura, Naiara Costa, Oded Stahl, Patrícia Gonçalvez, Paula Sallum, Raquel de Resende

Management and Planning

Risia Botrel, Isabela Tolentino and Taimara Araújo


Passos – Minas Gerais – Brazil


Technical Data
Year of the project: 2013

Built area: 11,640m²


Digital House

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