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Paranoá Park

A Park must contain the abstract expression of an iconic design, a design capable of representing itself, of referring to itself in an almost independent way, autonomous from the reality where it must be integrated.

This design must be able to represent the Park itself, to identify it, to transform it into a logo and, above all, as a sign.

But Paranoá Park should also be a reference. It should be taken as an example that this iconic condition does not mean that the space resulting from this design - from the construction process related to its inscription -   is not a human and lovable space, effective in demonstrating the possibility of making very diverse inhabitants coexist harmoniously.

We ask that attention be paid to the layout of the paths: at the same time it produces an unmistakably identifying sign of the Park, a sign that represents and announces it; this layout actually results from a relationship between pedestrian flows. But with its limitations, with its functional link requirements and the topography of the site. Likewise, the variation in thickness and expression of these paths - a continuous pulsation along their longitudinal development - is justified by the relationship between these characteristics and between the transversal dimension, and the resulting capacity to collect rainwater and direct it las for lateral evaluations of absorption and retention.


The form and design of the Park emerge from the site itself and its functioning; and with it they are confused.

This intimate, fused relationship constitutes a powerful vehicle for communicating the Park, for presenting it, for referencing it as an entity of landscape and urbanity. The reference as an organized body, as a positive and strong identity, intrinsically connected with the place and its people. This happy event -  o Project-Logotype - in which design and site merge into a single thing, should be chosen as the basis for the Park's communication and for the Park's dialogue with the community and the world, in building a powerful and highly effective merchandising.


Gustavo Penna and team.

Management and Planning

Risia Botrel


Paranoá Park - Federal District 

Technical Data
Year of the project: 2012


Digital House


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