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Quintas do Morro
Casa Quintas do Morro

Casa Borges is located in the Retiro das Pedras Condominium, in the municipality of Brumadinho - Minas Gerais, next to Serra da Moeda.

15km away from Belo Horizonte, at an altitude of 1,300m, the place is privileged for its natural characteristics: mild climate, beautiful landscapes and the tranquility of a place away from large urban centers.

There lives a young family; the couple Tatiana and Afonso and their daughters Isabela, Mariana and Manuela.

With an area of 400m2, the house is protected from the street and opens onto the valley. 

The white wall in the morning sun plays with textures and angled shadows.

It is a game of closed and open, compact and aerial.


Gustavo Penna, Alexandre Bragança, Ana Paula Assis, Laura Penna, Norberto Bambozzi



Brumadinho – Minas Gerais – Brazil


Technical Data
Year of the project: 1999

Year of completion of the work: 2001
Built area: 400m²


Eugenio Savio

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