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Lincoln Residence | GPA&A
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Lincoln Residence

It’s a 1.200m altitude.

The city is Nova Lima, state of Minas Gerais, in Brazil.

In brighter days, it’s possible to view the sea of hills undulating 60Km into the landscape.

The house pays homage to this beautiful natural feature.

A square with a centered glass cube, which plays with the light, the air, the clouds and the distance, unveils a universe of surprises.

The living spaces fit together the way colonial houses did, ample and cozy.

They are an invitation to coexistence.

Each and every point of the house takes part in the whole movement.

One feels together: there is no room for loneliness.

On the lower level, there are support facilities, where a service corridor lets the two sides of the house meet discreetly, both the operational and the intimate.

The ways are joyful and free, and flow displaying the distant natural view, the closer internal garden, the widths and heights that change according to the light, the pathways, the framings, the perspectives.

The entrance with a bridge over a reflecting pool calls for a ritual, a kind of purification of what we fell and see, of what we are.

The design aims at synthesis; few shapes, few materials, straight, orthogonal lines, simple and clear. The outside world asks for reverence.

And the house generously embraces us.

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Project name: Casa Lincoln
Architecture: Gustavo Penna, Norberto Bambozzi, Laura Penna, Letícia De Paula Carneiro, Laura Caram, Juliana Couri, Graziela Costa
Location: Nova Lima – MG – Brazil
Year designed: 2007
Year completed: 2009
Projected area: 597,47m2
Photos: Jomar Bragança