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Santa Helena Boulevard | GPA&A
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Santa Helena Boulevard

The Santa Helena Boulevard, with its rich, organic design, shows that environmental protection is a collective job. It makes clear how our form of settlement opposes big cuts, strict geometry, aggressive embankments, and it blends with the scenery respecting its slopes and diversity. It’s a way of living that merges nature protection with quality housing.

The many parts of the zoning connect to the existing ones, thus forming a cohesive whole with its own identity.

It is composed of two single-family condominiums, two commercial blocks and one multi-family subdivision. Each one of these is in touch with the green, be it in the form of conservation areas or as squares and spaces for sociability.

Besides, population density is controlled and counts on the green areas inside the subdivisions. The multi-family buildings are built apart from each other, letting the background landscape show. The heights of the buildings are limited, allowing the Santa Helena Range to play a main role while not being obstructed by the constructions.

The subdivisions were planned with and linked by an efficient road system that values the scenery and connects the enterprise to the urban fabric. The ways take the shape of the topography, dodge the trees, distance themselves from streams and lakes, guard the protection areas, direct the rainwater, value the views, create courses in a way nature can be enjoyed, and branch into tracks, lanes, woods and squares.

There are two main highways, both close to the green areas and characterized by equipment for collective use and elements of symbolic and artistic value, such as squares, sculptures, lakes and portals. The circulation plan also benefits pedestrians and bicyclists, in bucolic rides alongside the creek.

The enterprise aims at understanding the particular characteristics of the place, making room for better awareness in housing. The Santa Helena Range has now a protective gesture. No more fires and devastation, no more chaotic settlements ruining the scenery and making the urban life unsafe.

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Project name: Santa Helena Boulevard
Architecture: Gustavo Penna, Laura Penna, Norberto Bambozzi, Priscila Dias de Araújo, Letícia de Paula Carneiro, Vivian Hunnicutt, Alyne Ferreira, Natália Ponciano, Catarina Hermanny, Alice Leite Flores, Ana Isabel de Sá
Management and Planning: Rísia Botrel e Isabela Tolentino
Location: Arizona Farm – Sete Lagoas – Minas Gerais – Brasil
Year designed: 2010
Projected area: 424ha
Images: Virtualmente